Plastic Injection Molding Service

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Update time : 2015-04-28 15:12:46

Plastic And Soft Silicone

Plastic injection molding

The popular injection molding material for various applications

img-Plastic injection parts from 2fprototypes

Soft silicone injection molding

Soft and high-temperature resistance that is perfect for baby products, consumer goods, food products, etc .
silicone injection molding

Our Injection Molding Capabilities

We have 30+ injection molding machines from 20T to 470T that can produce common size injection molded parts. The tonnage calculation/clamping force is one of the key factors for quality and cost. It keeps the tooling closed during the injection process. The higher tonnage , the higher weight of tooling it can keep.

injection molding machine-1injection molding machine-2