Die casting Molding Service

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Update time : 2015-03-11 21:17:08
Hamsan is a aluminum die casting for various industrial needs. We pride ourselves on the ability to add value to your aluminum die casting projects.
With 15+ years of expertise experience in aluminum die casting.
From prototyping to full-scale production.
Focus on high precision, small to Medium volume production.

Aluminum Die Casting And Zinc Die Casting

Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum Die casting is mostly done in a cold chamber machine. The parts are made by injecting fluid aluminum into a die casting mold under high pressure using a plunger. However, there are several steps involved before and after casting the parts.

img-Plastic injection parts from 2fprototypes

Zinc Die Casting

It is perfect for auto products, consumer goods, medical products, etc .
silicone injection molding

Our Die casting Molding Capabilities

Hamsan has developed a superior team of experts.

Experienced technical engineers, professional customer service officers, strict quality control specialists, and skilled production employees make up a strong workforce at Sunrise Metal.
Our commitment towards the customer develops a solid ground for premium service. With customized project organization and rapid reaction, we meet our customers' specific needs.
We design high-mix aluminum die casting parts whilst ensuring the smooth running of the project throughout the complete life cycle.

injection molding machine-1injection molding machine-2