What to Expect at IMTS 2022

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Update time : 2022-09-20 13:03:28
People from all around the world intend to gather in Chicago this week for the 33rd International Manufacturing Technology Event (IMTS), the largest and longest-running industrial trade show in the Western Hemisphere. IMTS 2022 is now proceeding, taking place at McCormick Place from Monday, September 12th through Saturday, September 17th. Because the show is only held every two years, this will be the first time it has been held since COVID-19, which was canceled in 2020. And it is apparent that the enthusiasm is at an all-time high, as seen by the 75,425 registrations.
Additive manufacturing, in particular, is receiving attention as firms seek to demonstrate how 3D printing can be utilized as an extra production tool as the technologies mature and industrialize. According to Forbes, there are twice as many 3D printer firms exhibiting at the exhibition than there were at the previous pre-pandemic gathering, with 83 represented. As a result, we wanted to deliver the guests a preview of some of the most exciting 3D printing news from the show, also what customers can hope to see this year at IMTS 2022 .

SolidCAM Shifts to Additive Manufacturing

You've almost likely heard of SolidCAM, a market leader in CNC CAM software. However, the firm recently stated that it would be shifting its focus to additive manufacturing, developing global cooperation with Desktop Metal. The results of this will be on exhibit at IMTS 2022, including how Desktop Metal's AM 2.0 technology complements SolidCAM's software and machining solutions.
SolidCAM is essentially a sales partner owing to this cooperation with Desktop Metal, selling metal AM equipment in Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, and India . Furthermore, the two want to provide a complete end-to-end solution, integrating 3D printing with CNC metal parts machining to produce metal components for a range of applications such as small series, prototyping, and big batch manufacturing. Live CNC machining, as well as Desktop Metal's Studio and Shop Systems, will be on display at their exhibit. If you'd like to learn more, stop by IMTS booth 134502 this year.

HP Introduces the Metal 3D Printer

There is exciting news from IMTS that HP will finally be releasing its metal 3D printer, the HP Metal Jet S100. The long-awaited machine's commercial availability will be announced at the exhibition. Though HP is known excellently for its Multi Jet Fusion technology, which is actually polymer-compatible, since 2018, this metal solution is on working, with some delays in the manufacturing process due to the epidemic.
The answer will employ HP's Metal Jet technology, which can be compared to binder jetting, and will intend to assist users such as Schneider Electric in mass manufacturing high-quality 3D printed metal parts. Anyone who is interested in the technology can definitely be able to see it, along with production applications, at HP's stand during the expo. Moreover, on September 15th, HP's Global Head of 3D Metals Go-to-Market will be delivering an important talk at IMTS' Additive Manufacturing Conference.

At IMTS 2022, Formnext 2025 will Take the Stage

It may seem strange to discuss another additive manufacturing trade event while another is taking place, but that is something that participants at IMTS 2022 can look forward to this year. Formnext, one of the significant additive manufacturing trade exhibitions, stated last year that it would start a Formnext USA event in April 2025. This will be accomplished in collaboration with AMT - The Association for Manufacturing Technology, the organizer of IMTS 2022, and Gardner Business Media Inc. (GBM). On September 15th, guests who want to learn more about the event can attend a press conference.

Xact Metal Unveils New Printer

The newest 3D printer from Xact Metal will also be on display at IMTS 2022. The new machine arrived just in time for Xact Metal's first appearance at the event since 2018. The XM300G series is a mid-size printer with a build capacity of 300 x 300 x 250mm, which is ideal for clients that need to print more significant components in larger volumes. The idea is to supply consumers with a low-cost mid-size metal 3D printer starting at $200,000. At the event, customers are authorized to try the latest machine with the help of professionals on hand to get answers to any kind of questions.

At IMTS 2022, You Might Learn a lot Regarding 3D Printing in Space

Over the last few years, it has become clear that additive manufacturing will be employed in future space exploration. As a result, it is one of the issues that will be featured at IMTS 2022 this year. At IMTS, AMT's Emerging Technology Center (ETC ) will display not just a scaled part of the 23′ tall Rosenberg Space Habitat, which IMTS says is the world's tallest 3D printed polymer structure, but also live demonstrations of the robotic 3D printing technology used to build it. The exhibition is intended to investigate how manufacturing technologies, mainly 3D printing, might permit long-term lunar habitation in the ongoing efforts to occupy the moon.

What Technology Can I Look Forward to Seeing at IMTS 2022?

At IMTS 2022, CAPTURE 3D will showcase a wide range of technology. These are some examples:
ATOS Q: ATOS Q is a powerful portable high-resolution 3D scanner that captures precise, high-definition 3D data from tiny to medium-sized items in a variety of industries. ATOS Q is designed primarily for industrial application, with interchangeable measuring lenses for versatility and a sleek, modern appearance for mobility. At IMTS 2022, you can see CAPTURE 3D's ATOS Q for yourself!

GOM Scan Cobot


The GOM ScanCobot is defined as a mobile automated 3D scanning system that works in tandem with blue light 3D scanners ATOS Core and ATOS Q to deliver a simple overview of automated 3D scanning. Visit the stand at IMTS 2022 to see for yourself.



The ZEISS T-SCAN hawk is a lightweight, portable 3D scanner that comes with pre-installed GOM Inspect software. This single solution includes three scanning modes that will take you from data gathering through data analysis, delivering high-quality 3D data rapidly for high -quality outcomes. Visit IMTS 2022 to see for yourself!

Airfoil ATOS 5

ATOS 5 Airfoil is actually a high-resolution 3D scanner that is specially designed for Industrial Gas Turbine sectors and aircraft, whether in flight or on the ground. Aerospace specialists can quickly and efficiently assess these components and their features by digitizing complicated airfoil edges and forms . ATOS 5 Airfoil possibly be on display at IMTS 2022!


Scan 1 of the GOM

The GOM Scan 1 is basically a small, high-resolution 3D scanner that is built by using industry standards, which include Blue Light Technology and GOM fringe projection technology. GOM Scan 1 is appropriate for 3D printing, engineering, additive manufacturing, research, art , quality control design, and other applications involving tiny to medium-sized objects that should be recorded in precise detail, all praise to features that produce accurate 3D scan data swiftly. Visit IMTS 2022 to check on this low-cost 3D scanner in person!

GOM Inspect Software

GOM Inspect Software is an industry-standard with numerous features that are focused on improving inspection effectiveness and digital engineering abilities. Visit our booth at IMTS 2022 to discover more about how it may help you optimize your measurement and inspection procedures.