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Die Casting Factory


The company has over 13 years of industry experience, we had passed the ISO9001:2008 certified, well-equipped, strong technical force, with many sets of magnesium alloy die-casting machines, zinc alloy die-casting machine, aluminum die-casting machines , precision punch, and a plurality of laser spot welding, engraving machines, and other advanced equipment can process various appearance effects, in order to meet the needs of different customer requirements. At the same time, with independent design and development ability of mold , with CNC machining center, EDM machine (EDM), milling machine, grinding machine, tooling and machining equipment. Relying on the professional spirit of unique design and refine on, can according to customer drawings or samples rapidly, accurately provide from the molding design and die casting mold and then processing one-stop full service.


Die Casting Machine
HST Die Casting Shop is equipped with a list of die casting presses with renowned names like Lanson, 400LK Cold chamber, HM90 die casting machine, with the support of a professional technical team.

Die Casting Machine:
Lanson hot chamber 800T:1 pcs
400LK Cold chamber 400t:1pcs
Germany Frech hot chamber 80-200T:3pcs
LK Cold chamber 280T:8pcs
LK Cold chamber




Quality Inspection
Main QC Procedures for Mold:
1. Incoming Inspection:
Includes steel hardness and full inspections on steels, mold base, and components.

2. In-Process Inspection:
Electrode inspection, cavity, core& inserts inspection, pre-assembly inspection, mold trial report , and samples inspection.

3. Final Inspection Control:
Includes pre-shipment inspections on mold and packing that includes, steel certificates, 2D and 3D mold design. The list of quality documents that are generated includes Mold Base Inspection Report, Steel Inspection Report, Electrode Inspection Report, Heat Treatment Report, IQC Report, IPQC Report, Sample Inspection Report, and Pre Shipment QA Report.

Office & Engineering Dept.
Our die casting department has 9 designers and 4 project engineers with rich experience in their respective fields and many years of working experience in the die and mould industry.



Hamsantool is China's Leading Die Casting Company

Hamsantool is a Chinese die casting company that specializes in the production of plastic parts, including small arms and ammunition. The company has operations across China, as well as sales offices in various locations around the world. Hamsantool castings are among the largest producers of handgun cartridges in China. The company markets itself as one of the leading companies in both producing and selling ammunition due to its proven track record. The metals produced by the company are used for a wide range of products, including artillery projectiles. The facilities are capable of producing ammunition for small arms such as assault rifles, bolt action rifles, handguns, and machine guns.


We Make Die Casting Easy for You

Hamsantool is China's leading die casting company. We bring high-quality products to your door, making it easy for you to get the parts you need and meet your manufacturing needs. Whether you're looking for small arms ammunition or artillery projectiles, We have what you need. Hamsantool prides itself in providing comprehensive, responsive, and small parts. The company believes that it is able to give way to the clients' needs, especially those of shooters, by offering all its die-casting products at excellent prices.

Why Consider Us as Your Trade Partner?

Hamsantool is a reliable, experienced, and trustworthy company that meets your specific manufacturing needs. We are committed to providing quality products at competitive prices, which makes us the ideal partner for both small arms ammunition and artillery projectiles production. Our comprehensive product line includes die casting equipment, metals, and all the necessary supplies to get you started right away. When it comes to meeting customer demands, there's simply no one better than Hamsantool! We have built a strong and reputable business. Our company is capable of meeting any customer needs with the help of its comprehensive product line that consists of die casting equipment, metals & all the necessary parts.