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Precision Lifter Insert
Brand Name:Hamsan Tooling
Mold Base:N/A
Mold Material:1.2344
Shaping Mode:Plastic Injection Mold
Design Software:AutoCAD;NX;ProE
Packaging Details:Wooden case
Delivery Time:14 days manufacturing lead time
Products Details
Hamsan Tooling has been manufacturing mold components and accessories since 2004. HST Mold prides itself on its in-house design and fabrication. We employ highly skilled professional operators to operate our drill presses, CNC machines, EDM machines, proprietary mirror EDM machines and die polishers.

Product Description:
Product name: Precision Lifter Insert
Mould Material: P20,P20H,718,718H,738,738H,2316,M300,S136,S136H,NAK80,CR12,CR12MOV,SKD11,
Main Technology: Milling, grinding, CNC, EDM, wire cutting, carving, EDM, lathes, surface Finish, etc.
Base material: P20, 2738, 2344, 718, S136, 8407, NAK80, SKD61, H13
Product Material: ABS, PP, PC, PA6, PA66, TPU, POM, PBT, PVC,HIPS, PMMA, TPE, PC/ABS, TPV,
Main Technology: Milling, grinding, CNC, EDM, wire cutting, carving, EDM, lathes, surface Finish, etc.
Equipment: CNC, EDM, Cutting off Machine, plastic machinery, plastic part, etc
Mould Cavity: One cavity, multi-cavity or the same different products be made together
Runner System: Hot runner and cold runner
Finish: Pitting the word, mirror finish, matte surface, striae
Mold Life: 300-500K shots
Mould Precision: +/-0.05mm--+/-0.1mm

Processing cycle: 28 working days for a whole set of mold components, and Mold parts processing within 7 working days

Project Management:
Product DFM Mold Design Material Preparation CNC Machining EDM Machining Grinding and Drilling Machining Wire Cutting Polishing Mold Fitting Mold Trail Sample Inspection Sample Approved Mass Production Mold(Product) Packing Mold Delivery After Sale Service

Our advantages:
1. Whole set mold components solution, which means, we could help you process all components on a mold, such as a mold base, mold core, sliders, standard parts...etc
2. Day shift and night shift.
3. 15 years of experience in the mold industry. We have rich experience in Experience of cooperating with mold factory
4. 30-set CNC machine Can handle more than 10 sets of mold accessories at the same time every month.
5. A 5-axis CNC machine can handle big mold sliders and mold bases.
Look forward to hearing your inquiry.

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