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What to pay attention to when processing injection molding molds
Author:HAMSNA Mold
Injection mold is a widely used type among many molds, whether in the cosmetics industry or in the processing of some daily necessities, it is often used. During the process of mold processing, it is necessary to ensure that the entire manufacturing process and related details are properly handled, otherwise the accuracy of the mold may be affected.

1. The surface of the injection mold must be smooth
During the production of injection molding molds, if the surface of the mold is not smooth enough, it will affect the surface smoothness of subsequent products, and also increase the possibility of adhesion between plastic products and the mold, ultimately leading to a significant decrease in the qualification rate of the finished product. Therefore, in the process of mold processing, it is necessary to make the details more detailed, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent production of related products.

2. Do a good job in the design and development of related molds
The appearance of injection molded products can vary in many styles, and there may be significant differences in the requirements for mold types and related standards during the production of different types of injection molded products. Therefore, before conducting mold processing, it is necessary to communicate with customers about the relevant requirements and details, clarify the specific standards of the mold, and then proceed with subsequent production and processing. Only in this way can the produced mold better meet the production of related injection molded products.

3. Do a good job in handling mold exhaust holes
During the process of mold processing, it is important to pay attention to the preparation of exhaust holes. If no exhaust hole is reserved, bubbles may occur after subsequent injection of the corresponding melt, affecting the overall product quality. Designing the exhaust hole of the mold can better discharge the bubbles in the flux and improve the quality of injection molded products.
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