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Standardized Management Tool Factory
Author:HAMSNA Mold
(1) Standardized management of product and drawing data
Effective management can ensure the comprehensiveness and consistency of data, so that data can be effectively shared and queried. To prevent problems caused by inconsistency of data and irregularity of drawings from being discovered and corrected in time, resulting in the need for repairing the die, increasing the cost of manufacturing the die and affecting the due date.

(2) Establish the company's own quality inspection die Department and standardize various inspection means. Get rid of the fluke mentality. Strengthen the sense of responsibility of designers and operators. Reduce the damage caused by carelessness

(3) Improve the communication and supervision among the departments of "customer-market-engineering-purchasing-manufacturing-warehouse-injection moulding", comprehensively understand the technical requirements and suggestions of customers'moulds, record and summarize the requirements and communicate them to all departments in time and accurately, so as to avoid repetition, thereby saving the cost of moulds and sample time.

Injection mould
For each customer, it is necessary to establish a folder of customer business information and share it among different departments of the company in order to improve the level of customer service and reduce errors. Follow up and supervise the production of various mould projects, arrange the test model, follow-up of related materials, confirmation of test sample, sample delivery, and arrange the running of mould, etc.