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What software is better for injection mould design
Author:HAMSNA Mold
There are many commonly used software in injection mould industry, such as PROE/UG and so on. Because of the different usage habits of each person, there may be differences. At present, UG is widely used in plastic mould design.
About UG:
(1) UG software, called Unigraphics NX, is a product engineering solution software.
(2) The function of UG software: It provides digital modeling and verification means for users to design products and process manufacturing. At the same time, the software has abundant user guides, which can facilitate the designer to design the die.
(3) The characteristics of UG software: 1. It is a fully interactive, computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing system. 2. Powerful, can easily realize the construction of various complex entities and shapes. 3. It has become a mainstream application of three-dimensional design in die and mould industry.
(4) Development of UG software: The development of UG began in 1969, which is based on C language. UG is a flexible software tool for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) numerically on three-dimensional unstructured grids using adaptive multigrid method.
Finally, the study of UG software: First of all, if you want to use this software well, you must first understand the introduction knowledge of UG. If you can guarantee that you can operate the application software, it will be much easier to learn other modules of the software. In short, learning UG software is a cumulative process. It is not realistic to eat fat overnight. Need learners to invest the necessary energy and time, with persistent patience! It is believed that as long as the heart can be skilled in this injection mold design of the core software.