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Injection Mold Maintenance Plan
Author:HAMSNA Mold
ABSTRACT: Maintenance of injection moulds will not only affect the life of moulds, but also have a significant impact on production planning, and even affect the final manufacturing cost.

Daily maintainers responsible for the maintenance of moulds must work carefully and carefully to ensure the best state of moulds. They are expected to be effective and economical in production and to reduce manufacturing costs as much as possible. So how to improve the maintenance of the mold? Now let's learn with Xiaobian.

First of all, maintenance instructions: when maintaining injection moulds, parts need to be checked according to drawings. Even if there is no special instructions, it should be checked when entering the warehouse; it is not allowed to unauthorized modify the dimensions of die parts that do not meet the requirements of the drawings, nor to insert additional gaskets or gaskets; after the completion of the production order, the maintenance of the mould must refer to the points of problems provided by the production department, the records of the production department and so on. The final product is carried out; in the maintenance of the mould, if major problems are found, the supervisor should report immediately and wait for instructions.

Secondly, the specific requirements for the maintenance of injection moulds are as follows: when replacing the parts of the moulds, the quality of the parts to be replaced is qualified; when disassembling and assembling the parts, tapping and slowing down; when assembling the inserts of the moulds, the qualified matching clearance is confirmed; and the situation of no warping, scratching, concave, dross, defect and rust on the surface of the parts is avoided; If parts are replaced, communicate and confirm with the die design department in time. When disassembling the die, pay attention to maintaining the pulling balance of each part. If parts need to be replaced, they must be replaced in time.
Finally, the daily maintenance of injection moulds must be carried out carefully to ensure that the moulds are always in the best condition.